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Hello I am Eric. I have been attending the “Picta” Program since august 2005. It was quite challenging from the beginning, especially for doing it in a foreign language; (I am French).


At this day I have completed and passed the 14 modules of the IT1 essentials. I can tell you that there is a lot to learn. I have probably been able to retain 70% of it and take it as some sort of achievement.


I am honest enough to see myself as privileged: this is why I am giving it my best shot.

The environment is perfect for learning. All the tools required for success are surrounding us; from the management and tutors who are exemplar and very professional, to the material available to us.


This is a good opportunity to better ourselves and to access valuable courses. This could not have been possible without the association made with “CISCO NETWORK ACADEMY” and THE PRISON SYSTEM via the GOVERNEMENT policy to invest in the prison population, in order to better prepare the ones who will be release one day

to find a job or to be up to date with the demand of the market.