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PICTA Testimonial


I am a PICTA Peer Tutor and I completed the course in September 2005.  I found the course very fulfilling and extremely rewarding.  I think the way the course has been structured is quite clever; it keeps you interested until the very last module of CCNA 4.  I was always eager to start a new module because I anticipated learning something new, such as: Frame Relay, ISDN, or VLAN’s.  My feelings towards PICTA are axiomatic; it is the best educational course within the prison milieu.  PICTA has without doubt altered my life and hopefully set me on the path to a satisfying, lucrative and law abiding new career.  Due to the course structure I was totally motivated throughout the course.  Now I’ve got the I.T bug, I am like a kid with a new toy; I don’t want to stop learning.  My I.T education will continue for the rest of my life.  Below are the courses and qualifications I have attained from PICTA:



         IT Essential 1

         IT Essential 2

         CCNA 1

         CCNA 2

         CCNA 3

         CCNA 4


         Comptia A+

To conclude, I think what Cisco Systems and the Prison

Service are doing with the PICTA project is extremely

commendable and PICTA should be supported by everyone

who supports the rehabilitation of offenders. Offenders in

he prison estate should grab this opportunity with both

arms, for it has the potential to alter their lives for the better.