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PICTA Testimonial


I am a life sentenced prisoner currently serving at H.M.P Swaleside. I have been on the P.I.C.T.A course for approx. one year. In that year I have managed to accomplish three courses, namely ECDL, IT Essentials 1 and P.N.I.E. 


I find the courses both exhilarating and challenging but with the help available no real problem. I am both enjoying and learning new skills which I feel were out of reach to me on the out as I always seemed to be to busy to do anything other than earn money.

I believe P.I.C.T.A is a great tool towards rehabilitation by giving myself and other prisoners the skills we need to get up and running in the IT world on release from prison.


This course has taught me not to be afraid of technology, and to bolster my belief in myself that I can learn and be an asset to society on release.

 I intend to learn all I can from this course and to either work in, or teach IT on release from Prison.


Tim Whitting